up with figs, you've got mail
qotd, so you want to be a writer

here's the mail, it never fails, it makes me want to wag my tail

Two packages arrived during the last week.*

The first was from Briar Rose Fiber and was dyed just for me. Because I'm that special. ***


It's Sea Pearl in a tealy blue. Love. It's for this pattern, which I bought at the Retreat a few weeks back. I can't wait to get started, which won't happen until after the holidays but, for now, I can just look at it an sigh every now and again.

Also in the post, a box o' mutant fleece:


This will require more planning. I've never washed/carded/spun a whole fleece. I'm not even certain where to start. But I can't tell you how excited I am to do so.

The trick will be keeping the cats from destroying it. The box alone has already generated buckets of feline excitement. I think they think there's an actual sheep in there, one who needs chasing and/or grooming.


* Actually, a lot of packages arrived during the past week. Most of those are gifts for people who are not me.** These are the two packages I'll talk about now.

** And, yes, quite a few are from small indie online stores, because I live in a smallish town that has only a few small indie local stores to shop from. And none of them sell yarn or fiber.

*** This isn't true. Chris will dye just for you if you ask her nicely, I suspect. She's a good egg.


Oh good. I see Lanea is working on your with a CVM. great fleece to start out with . I think you'll be pleased.

I too got my Briar Rose package. I know the happy feeling. :D

You may be right about the cats. My sister's cocker spaniel once fell in love with a cow-hide stool she was giving me. He would lay on the floor by the closet where she was keeping it and moan piteously.

There is a yarn store, again. It's out by the Lowes.

Blumchen is a great sweater. Now I want one.

Your fiber ambitions always impress me. I've barely touched any of my three in-progress afghans in weeks.

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