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who watches over you?

Scott's favorite gift of the day:


The kids romped and played with new stuff and a grandmother:


The Boy and his new MarioKart game were not parted:


The Featureless Saint dealt with the debris:


I admired the Russian mitten book and Hawaiian beads my favorite sister-in-law brought back from Pikake Beads:


There are more of each. I just spilled out a few for a picture. And that fuzzy one in the front is some sort of alien pod with holes in it:


And after all of the excitement, McGregor melted:


Hope your holiday (or Sunday) was equally enjoyable.

Jesus is in my soap

I am a big fan of homemade soaps and seek them out at every opportunity. Which is why I bought a few bars at the most recent Harvest Festival in Cooperstown. 

I hadn't paid that much attention to the wrapper. The fish, however, should have provided a clue. 

Anyhoo, I unwrapped the bar yesterday. 


The front (click to embiggen).


The back.

Apparently, my soap is more than soap. It is a "Plan of Salvation." Which is a lot to ask from soap.

FWIW - the pumice in the pumice soap is extra-extra-extra rough. Bathing is like a punishment when using this soap. Feel free to write your own metaphor.

up with figs, a poll

Consider this a figs clip show. We're going to take a little break until well after the new year passes. 

Because we are curious, Lisa and I would love to know which figs are your favorites. I've pulled a few to choose from -- but you are more than welcome to peruse the deep cuts, too.

For your consideration:

* The Lothario arrives.

* Quantum easing.

* Dear students.

* Super Saver.

* Skeletor Cat.

* On the Hog.

* Yew Goldarn Interlopers.

* Ow.

* Dog Days.

* Workplace training.

Pick your favorite (or favorites) in the comments and win a prize! Or something!

many things make a post

* The Ada Initiative is just this side of genius. I'm sad that it's needed but happy it's there.

* This is something I struggle with every semester. Yes, I know firsthand how tricky mental illness can be - but I'm not sure where the line is. 

* Again, when I go, I want Neely to write my obit. And I am so very sorry for his loss. His Dad was a good egg.

* Girl goes to India. India strikes back.

* And this is why I wear tissue boxes on my feet.

* An epidemic of discovery.