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Jesus is in my soap

I am a big fan of homemade soaps and seek them out at every opportunity. Which is why I bought a few bars at the most recent Harvest Festival in Cooperstown. 

I hadn't paid that much attention to the wrapper. The fish, however, should have provided a clue. 

Anyhoo, I unwrapped the bar yesterday. 


The front (click to embiggen).


The back.

Apparently, my soap is more than soap. It is a "Plan of Salvation." Which is a lot to ask from soap.

FWIW - the pumice in the pumice soap is extra-extra-extra rough. Bathing is like a punishment when using this soap. Feel free to write your own metaphor.


Wow. Self-flagellation in the form of soap?

It washes off earthly dirt and your sins, all at once? That's pretty powerful soap.

Oh wow. Just wow.
My (former) sister-in-law is a maker of wonderful soaps. Check her out.

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