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many things make a post

* Behind the scenes with Jon Stewart.

* The hardship and joy of How I Met Your Mother.

* If I had world enough and time, I'd have a room full of nothing but maps and globes. Ken Jennings knows why.

* I kinda want to see this.

* How did I not know about the Watkins Family Hour podcast?

* Franklin and I are in complete agreement about NYC and the Lion Brand Studio. Hinthint.

* This is a lot like what Christmas was like with the (thankfully) departed Mooch. Really. He was not a good cat. 

* I might need this book.

* Do you prefer to buy books from people who actually read books?

* On breast cancer. (Is it wrong that my first impulse is to knit her a Shedir?)


I agree with everything here. We're so sympatico at the moment.

And I'm going to stop postponing my mammogram (yes, I know just how much I, in particular, should know much better).

You know, that article about HIMYM neatly encapsulates why I like the show so much. I've just never been able to articulate it that well or succinctly. Also, now I yearn to own a globe.

The art at Lion Brand Studio is amazing!

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