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many things make a post

* The Ada Initiative is just this side of genius. I'm sad that it's needed but happy it's there.

* This is something I struggle with every semester. Yes, I know firsthand how tricky mental illness can be - but I'm not sure where the line is. 

* Again, when I go, I want Neely to write my obit. And I am so very sorry for his loss. His Dad was a good egg.

* Girl goes to India. India strikes back.

* And this is why I wear tissue boxes on my feet.

* An epidemic of discovery.


As a supervisor, I've struggled with "the line" in terms of both mental and physical illnesses for a few employees over the years. It's rough, especially in a field in which the show is tonight at 8pm whether an employee is having an anxiety attack/back pain/migraine/crying fit. I've been there. I get it. But still.

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