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Consider this a figs clip show. We're going to take a little break until well after the new year passes. 

Because we are curious, Lisa and I would love to know which figs are your favorites. I've pulled a few to choose from -- but you are more than welcome to peruse the deep cuts, too.

For your consideration:

* The Lothario arrives.

* Quantum easing.

* Dear students.

* Super Saver.

* Skeletor Cat.

* On the Hog.

* Yew Goldarn Interlopers.

* Ow.

* Dog Days.

* Workplace training.

Pick your favorite (or favorites) in the comments and win a prize! Or something!


Skeletor cat. I would wear that T-shirt.

I vote for Ow.... It was unexpected.

Skeletor cat! Love that cat.

Skeletor Cat made me giggle, but I can totally relate to Vishnu Mama. Except I have 3 others that I need to Mind All The Things. 2 of these are my Husband and Teen.


Man. You had to make this hard, didn't you. I'd say, Dear Students, Workplace Training, and Quantum Easing. In approximately that order. But really, I loved 'em all.

This is a wonderful "series" but if I was going to pick a favorite it would be quantitative easing!

It's hard to choose because I really enjoy them all, but mine are: dear students and on the hog.

1: Ow (the shoe)
2: Dear college students
3: Quantitative easing

Because Harleys are a way of life out here in Milwaukeeland, I loves me some On the Hog.

I loved workplace training. dear students was also awesome. most of them deserve a place in the top three, but only one can be top chef! I mean, top fig!

Gotta go with "Yew Goldarn Interlopers." Prolly because I work with a few of them.

My favorite is Workplace Training, although Dog Days strikes a cord as well.

Skeletor cat is my absolute favorite!

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