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in which I make it worse by trying to make it better

On Tuesday, I decided to vacuum. As one does.

Given that I knew that the vacuum needed to be taken apart to remove some object that was blocking the beater bar thingy, I gave myself an extra ten minutes and found a screwdriver. And then had to find another screwdriver when I discovered that two of the screws were in recessed holes that the first screwdriver was too big for.* 

I figured that the object in question had come from a kid's room and was of the Lego/Polly Pocket type of toy. I was wrong. It was a six-inch** drywall screw, which had not only jammed all of the mechanics but had also lodged in such a way that it burned out the little wheel that the beater bar spins on. Yes, that's its technical name.

Because I am a problem solved, I tried to unjam everything with an even more substantial screwdriver, pliers, and a can of WD-40.***

An hour later, I'd successfully broken all of the parts I could get to and ordered new ones.


And had a mess that I needed to vacuum up. Oh, irony.


* Write your own naughty joke here.

** ish.

*** Scott calls this "the last refuge of the dammed." He is not wrong.


Sometimes easier to get a new vacuum. Your determination is admirable and wow, a 6" screw.

I really meant to say "Wow.... a 6" screw!?" :)

Yeah, that's what often happens when I have to break out the screwdrivers. Don't feel bad, I think modern appliances are not built to be especially robust. All those plastic parts.

For what it's worth ... I love my Dyson, should you get to the replace rather than repair point.

FWIW - the screw was more like 2". But when you reach the point where you just want to smash everything with a hammer, your (well, my) ability to gauge size goes out the window.

And I still may be getting a new vacuum. Since it was already broken, tho, it was worth trying to fix. I think.

wow. and um.... wow.. Your ability to be determined is a character strength.. Always remember that.

I find that vacuums are just not up to real rigorous baloney nowadays. Sue and I decided to buy a dyson when we got a 40% off chance to do so. We then completely cleaned and sold the older model for a pretty far price. SO once you fix this, you can sell it if you want.

This why the Boy needs to clean up his everyday language. There are times that strong, undiluted words are needed.

I mourn the fact that every time I vacuum I end up taking the thing apart to some degree. If the bag isn't full, I break the belt. If the belt doesn't break, the hose gets blocked.

The problem surely is not that we have 2 long-haired cats and 2 long-haired dogs and 1 long-haired woman. And that I vacuum quarterly.

Been there done that!
The one I worked on is in the garage, looking really sad.

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