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many things make a post

FYI, y'all: Forgotten Bookmark's Mike had a bit of an incident at his shop this morning. He's fine but weep for the books. Oh, the books.

* Mary Roach on shrunken heads. (Also: she shrinks her own.)

* Jim C. Hines is made of awesome. And made the right choice w/r/t his pants.

* Russia by Rail.

* I'm a big fan of #10.

* Beware the Intergalactic Nemesis. Or, you know, go see it.

* Must control fist of death.

* One day, we'll live to be 50.

* The ACI.

* On the Gettysburg Marathon. What think you?

* All that would improve this is Pluto, not because I believe it's a planet but because one can't have enough chocolate.

* And the evolutionary advantage to depression is...? Also: on the importance of rest.

* Note to self: should trip to Seattle work out for this summer, go to one or more of these.

* Other note to self:  Ask Clara if she needs an assistant. 


the evolutionary advantage is weeding out humans that can't cope with hardship and trauma? maybe?

maybe it's just an indication of how our society has evolved in a way that's contrary to our initial programming?

ps i think gayness is inherent population control.

thank god for zoloft and surrogate mothers! lol

I like the idea of buying fruit. Will try that next time out.

Should trip to Seattle work out, also go to Theo chocolate factory. Just sayin'

I love the 1900 predictions. That sort of stuff always gets my wheels turning.

The list of travel stuff is also very cool.

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