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many things make a post

* Yes, this. All in higher ed should read it.

* 10 Things to not do to save money. (I bring this up because we had a run-in with #5 again. Feh.)

* Rolling Bean Boot!

* Sigh. This is a beautiful piece of writing that makes my heart hurt.

* The type of childhood stress is important. 

* What he learned at the Parent Improvement Program

* "Reality bears little resemblence to CSI."

* On Wait, Wait. (Warning: there's a weird edit in the last graf, which may have been fixed by the time you read this.)

* The story of a shoe.

* I support this post on mock meat.

* The Boy should be on this new show.

* From nerak. Be sure to read the tabs fo reach recipe. Or, rather, "recipe."

* U.S. history as seen through a cake lens.


I'd seen those WW "recipes" before, but it's been a long while. Thanks for the memory jog and chuckle.

grumpy grump grump Cooks Illustrated New England/east coast bias grump.
Where's the chiffon cake? The WWII shortages mayo cake?
I really enjoyed the Marion Winik article; thanks for the link.

I think I actually ate some of those WW recipes. My mom was an early (and often!) Weight Watcher. I definitely remember a "danish" of toast with ricotta and jam. That Winik niece just turned 12.

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