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many things make a post

* What makes you "you?"

* Heh.

* Mothers are their mothers and husbands and daughters and sons, too.

* Salt and ....

* We've all been there. (The asterix bothers me, tho. If you're going to swear, just fucking own it.)

* Marilyn Monroe's capri pants.

* Truth.

* This is my favorite cookie, too. But, despite years of trying, I can't seem to make them, which makes me so sad.

* I've been to #4 and #25. And I'd love to go to almost all of the others on the list.

* What your writer friends wish you knew.

* What writers should stop doing. (Number 15 is the one I find the most challenging.)

* Let's say it again: Correlation is not causation.

* Do I *need* a $45 copy of one of my most favorite books ever? No. And, yet.

* I want Jennifer Ouellette's job. (Actually, I think I should go on Craig's show to talk about Scotland, sweaters and Mary Tudor. Hear that, Late, Late Show bookers?)

* This calendar is awesome.


Hm, I think that calendar would mesh poorly with my existential anxiety. :)

Definite Yes on the Late Show booking, though!

i always love your many things.

Your many things rock. I've made it to #12 & 14. I found the calendar for order here: Nice.

The secrets to Spritz cookies:
1 - The dough has to be room temp. I kid you not, room temp. Make the dough, chill it for an hour or overnight and THEN set it on the counter for two hours. That way the damn dough will work with the gun.
2 - Non greased pan. No No-Stick pans, no parchment, no Silpat sheets. Just plain metal sheet pan & 10-12 minutes in the oven.
3 - A narrow press uses dough more effciently.

I finally got the spritz to really work this year and these are the things I did differently. The tree cut out worked really well. Email me if you need a receipe that works.

Thanks for the link to Momestary's website. I've poked around at some of her other posts and she's a good writer and her honesty is wonderful.

I might have to give the Spritz another go. But I am afeared.

I haven't made spritz cookies but I'm a cook's illustrated fanboy and they had a "how to do spritz cookies well" spread, erm, for Christmas 2010? I can look it up if you like.

I seem to remember a lot of the article being about how most spritz cookie recipes don't work at all. Also they had Definite Opinions on the cookie press.

Maybe I don't have a discerning-enough palate, but my basic Red & White checked Better Homes and Garden cookbook spritz recipes seems to work all right.

Again ... we're not that picky about cookies.

I love Cook's Illustrated, too. If you think of it, send along the article. I'd be interested in their Definite Opinions.

We're not terribly picky about cookies either but my Spritz have been completely un-Spritzlike. I usually just roll out the dough and pretend it's a sugar cookie once the Spritzing fails.

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