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pretend today is Wednesday.

many things make a post

(An update: On Wednesday last, I caught the cold that the kids had been kind enough to share. By Friday morning, I couldn't get out of bed, if only because I kept falling asleep and didn't want to fall down on anything harder than my mattress. End of story: bronchitis, sinusitis and a scary eardrum. I'm on drugs now and have more sprays and unguents than a person probably should. Still, I have stopped feeling worse. So there's that.

(Admittedly, that's probably more than you wanted to know. Sorry. I once had an editor point out that illness makes me loquatious. He wasn't wrong. 

(Right. So, my point: things are moving slowly if at all. Hence, a short list of "many things," because I haven't been spending much time in front of the machine. Which is also why I probably owe you email.)

* The hazard of false nostalgia. Also: I don't know what to make of this. You?

* I just... go look.

* This exhibit scared the poo out of me as a kid. Apparently, it made an impression on others, too.

* Even the idea of this makes me queasy.

* What the "Real Housewives" can teach us.

* Phil Williams is a mensch. As is Martha Boggs. (And, oh!, how I miss the Bistro's food.)


Yeah, those buffalo wing cupcakes, which are actually muffins don't appeal to me at all.

Hope you feel better soon. Where are those cats, why aren't they doing their job, keeping you warm and cozy?

Go. Lie down. Put a warm kitten on your forehead. Inform them to make with the healing purrs.

Hope you feel better soon. And in an aside: Going to SPA this year?

I hope you're all better soonest. Bright-eyed and bushy tailed and all that.

Feel better soon. We won't miss a post from you..
prayers for you.

The mass hysteria article was interesting. One thing that strikes me: the use of the word "hysteria" seems a bit problematic. It seems maybe dismissive even though the article suggests something real (though mysterious) is happening psychologically and physically.

That was what got me about that article, too. Clearly something is going on - but I'm not sure that calling it "hysteria" is helping.

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