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running and spinning

On Feb. 8, I started running. I am not, by any definition of the word, athletic.* But I was about to turn 40, which was a good reason to try something new. Given that I'm saving heroin for my 85th birthday (because, well, why not?), running seemed like the best choice. 

Reader, I love it. Mostly. For relatively flexible definitions of love.

 In August, I bought one of those Nike+** dohickies that you put on your shoe to keep track of distance. And because the Mike people are evil geniuses, you can get the summation of your previous year on their site. 

I nearly fell over. From 30 August until Dec. 31, I ran 299 km/185 miles. I find this astounding. From nearly nothing to more than halfway from my house to Montreal. (At the end of 2011, I was in Keeseville.) 

Consider my mind blown. 

And on the topic of other things I thought I'd never do, I plied that last little bit of blue yarn. 


This is pre-bath. Yes, I overplied. A lot. Sometimes, I really overcompensate.


My high-tech drying rig.



Done. The ply didn't relax as much as hoped. Can't wait to see what it looks like once knitted.


Reunited. Cos, you know, I feels so good.


* I wasn't even a mathlete. 

** It's not the best dohicky ever but it gets the job done well enough.


Brava. :) I pretty much hate running, but I hate other things even more. That's quite a mileage total!

I feel less qualified to comment on yarn, but I do like the color.

you can run it thru the wheel again to take out a little twist.. iffen you want.

You're amazing! I hate running. A lot. Something with the jouncing. But I enjoy walking. I powered through many miles walking. I should do that again.

Anyway ... you're awesome. Congratulations!

Well done,you!

Here's the thing - I'm really not amazing. But I am able to show up and do the work. That's, like, 90 percent of almost anything: show up. And, Heidi, you can totally do that too.

Anj - maybe. I kinda wanna see what happens, tho.

Thanks Dad and Rebecca!

I prefer walking than running, I think it's a good habit to join any kind of physical to stay fit at your age..
Good luck Momma!

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