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This one made me want to laugh and cry, only b/c it hit a little too close to home. And, btw, I would adore licorice at the holidays. Or any day. I'd even put it on a salad.

I think I was somewhere in my tweens before I realized that licorice also came in black, not just red. And the black flavor was pure vileness.

Funny because you could be writing about my oldest (now 18) or foreshadowing my Toddler's escapades (loves rain, utterly freaks out at the thought of a shower).

Having an almost 9-year-old and a 5-year-old, I'm right there with you...The only thing that can possibly improve said bathing time at my house is if I bring my knitting into the bathroom while they take care of business. I don't recommend bringing a mohair wip, however....

Cleaning children is pure hell. My nearly 10-year old child screams, yells, and tries every distraction possible to not get in the shower. Then must be reminded a million times while in the shower to use soap. I've resigned myself to only trying to clean said child twice a week... I hear dirty hair deters head lice. (FYI, I teach 8th grade. Apparently the need to remind offspring to use soap continues through middle school.)

I'm so glad to be childless by choice. So very glad. I don't know how ya'll repeatedly go through this ordeal. Now 3 cockatiels in a shower together is hilarious. Makes me laugh every time:)

Matthew began showering regularly when he started playing football. When he came home covered in mud after practice 4 nights a week, even he didn't want to sit in a pool of his own dirty bathwater. He still neglects to use shampoo at least every other shower, though. Em showers before school most days now (ah, puberty). Both will stay in there basically forever. Loud kitchen timers can help.

It is so nice to know I'm not alone. :)

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