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There is no time. Let me sum up.

I finished the back of the Blumchen:


Unblocked, it doesn't even look like it would fit my 9-year old. I did block my swatch, tho, and all should be well eventually.*

A close-up:


Also, I've been knitting a sock, because I am always knitting a sock:


I'm not in love with the yarn or colorway but it'll do. 

Finally, a sad but wonderful hat:


Look at how lumpy and bumpy and weird this top-down hat is! But, dudes, I made this yarn with my own two hands. And a wheel. 

It will not be a thing of beauty. It will be a thing of accomplishment.


*I know. Don't say it.


You should be super proud of that lumpy hat! I'm proud of you!

So excited about your lumpy hat!

*I know. Don't say it.

Oh, you're no fun anymore.

I'll just say to you what my husband has said to me on the several occasions I've had to reknit entire top-down sweaters despite all that trying on I did.*

"But you like knitting. Re-knitting is just more knitting."

*Yeah, I know.

fwiw, I LOVE the lumpy hat. I immediately thought "o! chunky! how nice" apply that thought where needed.

That hat is full of awesome, not lumps.

That is a GREAT hat. And I thought that before I read that you had made the yarn. So there.

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