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many things make a post

* Are you a 4th-8th grade chemistry teacher? Get a free kit full of science-y goodness.

* Want.

* This just makes me nutty, that those who holler most about government spending are the ones who are taking most of our tax dollars.

* What to do when caught in a crap tsunami.

* This is both fascinating and creepy.

* I love this project.

* Ann Patchett on indie boosktores

* Of course my alma mater has a Prize for Civility in Public Life. 


The bonsai trees would rock on Squirrel Island.

Will definitely be cross-stitching some family portraits.

And the alma mater ... of course. Is it wrong that I hope one or both of my kids go to Allegheny? (even though I don't know how we'll pay for it)

Everything I suspected about Target is true! But Target also helped me through some busy child raising years and made my life a little easier.

And I always thought businesses, even megabusinesses like Target, that were based in Minneapolis were paragons of Minnesota nice. I am disillusioned. (Not really.)

I loved the Ann Patchett piece!

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