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the zombie squirrel

One of the perks of working from home as much as I do is getting to know the local fauna. Like, say, the zombie squirrel.

Zombie squirrel first showed up in late fall. I was typing away, lost in my own little brain, and happened to look up briefly. My eyes were met by a squirrel's eyes and we stared at each other quite some time before I got a little freaked out and looked away. He then scampered off. Score one for zombie squirrel.

This game has gone on since then. Every now and again I'll look up and there he'll be, staring in, muttering about how tasty my brains would be should he make it inside to eat them. 

The cats, it must be pointed out, are completely useless. The late afternoon, which is when zombie squirrel tends to show up, is prime napping time. Which shouldn't be confused with the early evening or mid-morning napping time, which is equally prime. Useless.

However, McGregor happened to be awake earlier this week. I had enough time to grab my camera to provide proof of the zombie squirrel's existence, because, dude, even I wonder if I'm imagining it. McGregor flung himself at the window just as I snapped the picture.


*sigh* I'll get him next time.

McGregor has been my constant companion since. 


Just in case.



Is he begging in that last photo, with his paw out? He seems like a good companion.

Not begging. He'd just been licking his paw and grooming his face. Because one must have standards when one is having one's picture taken. And, yes, he's a good companion. When he's awake.

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