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writerly Wednesday, one inch

A quick one for you, since the kids have a snow afternoon* and I can only wrangle access to my computer in wee little bursts.**

This is stolen from Anne Lamott.***

Imagine a picture frame. This picture frame's opening is only one inch on each side.**** That's it. That's all you can see. Start here. And when you start to feel overwhelmed with what you're working on, when it all starts to feel like it's too much, focus on your frame. 

So pick up your frame and describe your view (exterior or interior) right now. 


* They were dismissed early because there should be sleet later, which, given the couple of inches of snow we just, should make driving really exciting.

** Yes, I let them play on my computer. So far, they seem undamaged. My computer, however, is full of crumbs.

*** Steal from the best, I say. You need proof? Go here.

**** You can do this with a real picture frame if you'd like. I'm assuming you don't have on handy.


I cannot even begin to attempt to imagine doing what you ask. So instead I will give you a little writerly prezzie:

I have been married to an engineer too long. I began to get obsessed over the dimensions of the frame! Living for a long time with a detailed oriented person will do that to a person. Perhaps the gift in all of this was the link to the quotes, especially the one concerning perfectionism.

One should always take a writer to dinner, Leap Day or no. And Lamott is a genius.

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