writerly Wednesday, yum
qotd, in honor of her passing

because it seemed like it was time

Given the bedlam of the past few days - quick update: Maddy is back in school, we seem to have won this battle but the war's outcome is still uncertain therefore we are constantly vigilant and interpret every last itch as a Bad Sign - I thought it time to start this:


Supplies and pattern was purchased from the Strawberry Sampler. The floss is WDW Monkey Grass and the fabric is some sort of linen of unknown provenance.


It's a quick stitch, which is exactly what I need right now. 

(An aside: I would like patterns that pay more attention to typography and less attention to Jesus. I can't be the only one.)

Also, McGregor would like me to get all of my stitching crap off of his window seat so that he can lay down. Because he's simply exhausted.



It's so hard being McGregor.

Ah, McG ... stay vigilant, steadfast and true (and best to all y'all).

Well that is better than him laying on it without so much as a howdy-doo.

You are not the only one.

Amen on the typography vs. Jesus front. I recently heard that artist Sheilagh Duffett (not sure I'm spelling that right) got a deal to have some of her art turned into cross stitch patterns. A major triumph for those of us who don't want to stitch anything by that boring painter of light guy.

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