this might be what breaks me
writerly Wednesday, yum

many things make a post

* I approve of this list.

* Two of my favorite things together: Wil Wheaton and tabletop games. I squee.

* "Why I'm glad I'm male."

* Motherhood and running.

* Heh.

* Fathers are not incompentent. Also, fathers buy diapers, too.

* I would like to be a "saucy tart," please.

* Sadly, my beloved garlic soup didn't make the list. But I could put a serious hurt on some Svíčková na smetaně.

* Geraldo Rivera is an ass. (HT Heidi)

(FWIW - I am freaking out decidedly less today, which is good because I don't think I could have maintained that level of freak for much longer without hurting myself. We may be getting on top of the critters. Unless we aren't. Which is more likely. But, you know, maybe. (Also, like Lee pointed out, searching for nits is making me think I really need bifocals. So, um, hooray?))


This will pass, eventually. Hopefully you are indeed nearing victory.

I'm going to get out my hoodie collection and wear them everywhere. Though there's nothing particularly frightening about a three-quarter sleeved lime green hoodie with a printed hood. Or maybe there is, but not in the way I mean. (Also see the Steven Colbert Word segment "Dressed to Kill." Something about dressing up in a suit and tie doesn't make Geraldo a journalist. Word.)

filing baby nails is what's making me think I might need bifocals. But then my vision has been decidedly wonky since S was born and I read the advice that one waits six months after discontinuing breastfeeding to get new glasses and *sigh* ... I can see close as long as I take my distance glasses off.

U R my saucy tart :-)

I want to be a saucy tart, too, or maybe an expensive doxy.

Tabletop is now on my must-see list. Thanks!

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