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I had a whole different post planned for today. Then Maddy became infested with head lice, my most hated and feared phrase. I just want to run around in cicles and screaming while simultaneously washing all of the things, including all of the living things, with bleach and scrubbing and ew. Instead, I've spent a remarkable - like hours and hours - amount of time going through her hair with a fine-toothed comb. And, yes, washing all of the things.

So, the pictures from the weekend, which were going to be a coherent narrative but frankly I'm tired and stressed and want to just burst into tears.

Although this picture makes me feel a little better:


McGregor's new favorite place to nap.


The ants are still contained, so there's a bonus.

We also went to Sugaring Off on Sunday and saw the new surprise baby lambs:


We also met the McGregor of sheep:



A fine time was had by all. Now back to the scrubbing and combing and general freaking out.


Oooh, lice! One more thing I have to look forward to as a parent, eh?

Oh dear, Adrienne! Been there, done that. Nit-picking gave me my first clue that I was ready for bifocals...

You know how you have to put all of their stuffed animals and lovies away? That about broke my daughter's heart. Fortunately, we discovered that Beanie Babies stand up to a heck of a lot of laundering and being tossed in the dryer, so they became the toy of choice. I washed those suckers every day!

Good luck, and hopefully you'll only need to go through this once.

I am so sorry to hear it. Been there too. It is the worst. This past time everyone got a short haircut. The worst. Hang in there.

The only lice I have ever had to deal with came in on a new horse purchased for my daughter. Thank God. Since she was isolated for being a new horse; it was easy to deal with and we all survived. I cannot fathom dealing with lice on a child. I would freak, too.

Hang in there. This too will pass.

We've had it run through the house twice. Emily had it when she was three (and gave it to me, as well). And both kids had it when she was eight and he was six. Easier the second time, by far.

Sending you love and patience.

Oh, I am so sorry. I remember when my sister or I would get them in school. I am always irrationally afraid I will have them when I go for a haircut.

I'm sorry we missed Sugaring Off, but I'm not sorry we missed the creepy crawlies! Hang in there.

comb? i woulda shaved that head so quick and taught her all about how to accessorize with earrings and such.

I'm majorly glad I never had lice as a kid b/c my mother would've been all freak-out and no patience. (FWIW, I've never had lice as an adult either.)

Had them twice in high school. And I've ALWAYS had shoulderlength or longer hair. Pretty sure I picked them up the 2nd time at a farm (sugaring off?)

And YES, freaking out is normal, acceptable, and expected. Freaked out less the 2nd time. Have since freaked out several times when I THOUGHT I had them since.

We, on the other hand, are in the process of washing lots of stuff because our kitten cat recently decided the little box was passe.

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