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actual knitting content + my red left hand and a mouse

First, the knitting:


After my appointment with the Vestal knitters last week, I swung through Spin a Yarn in the BING! because said knitters told me that the owner was having a spring sale. This Noro yarn (whose name I can't remember but will figure out shortly after I post this, I suspect) leapt into my hands and came home with me. So far, we're happy together. And, um, anyone need a shawl? 

Second, my hand:


No, it's not an exotic rash. Because I am the best mom ever, I decided to make a pitcher of Kool-Aid for the kids on Monday. Because I sometimes stop paying attention to what I'm doing in the middle of doing it, I tore open the packet of some red flavor and proceeded to shower it all over the counter, myself, the kitchen floor and Barney, who was underfoot at the time. 

I have since learned a few things. 1) Red Kool-aid is much like sand, in that once you have introduced it into your house, you will find it in the most unlikely places. 2) Your first response when cleaning it up should not be to use a damp paper towel because this will only spread the mess around rather than contain it. 3) This stuff stains like a motherscratcher. 

Third, the mouse:

(There is no picture. Sorry)

Yesterday, as I was walking out the door to go teach, Barney was sitting on my favorite reading chair and staring at the cushions. This is out of character. He's usually sleeping in said chair, not conscious and curious in it.

I literally said out loud, "I will probably regret this," then walked over to see what was going on.

I flipped the cushion out of the chair and lo, there was a mouse. At which point, Barney looked at me with a look that could only be translated as "Holy shit, you made a mouse." 

Did he then chase said mouse? No. Did he eat said mouse? No. Did he do anything even remotely useful? No.

He did wait patiently for me to find a plastic container and a lid, scoop up the mouse (who I suspect was not well, given that it didn't even try to evade me), fling said mouse outside, before demanded that he be let outside to chase the vermin that I had just removed from under his very paws.

I don't even know anymore, you know?


After reading the title of your post, I saw the pic of your hand stained red and thought were going to get gruesome between you and the mouse. Glad it was just kool-aid...

That shawl is GORGEOUS!

I am picturing said mouse somersaulting slow-motion through the air to the strains of "The Blue Danube."

That is EXACTLY what our Bella would do with a mouse.

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