next year is my Douglas Adams year
writerly Wednesday, eat this.

many things make a post

* Craig Bowron puts his finger on why those Low-T ads are weird and creepy.

* The Top 10 Infinite Jest characters.

* Still bummed that Better Off Ted was cancelled too soon.

* Where are the women?

* On despising yourself.

* Who would like to watch my children on June 5? (Short version: CAKE!)

* Click here if you are having a rough day.

* How to write a story.

* Anne Lamott lays down more truth.

* I am charmed by this story about the Toy Fair.

* On Madonna, Nicki Minaj, and Katniss.

* I kinda want to do this someday, too.


Many interesting things here (yes, I pinned several of these articles), but I'm not getting suckered into reading another Madonna article:P


Unsurprisingly, getting through a rough day involves looking at a lot of cute animal pix. Ah, the wisdom of the internets.

I have to remember that rough day one, because I'm not even having a rough day and I feel better. :)

You have inspired me. I am going to try to get moving (even if it is just walking) so I can run or walk the Maine 10K and the Disney run...someday. The despising yourself link was a nice fit with the Ashley Judd piece I read earlier today.

Excellent. I'll run it with you, if we can make it work.

Wow serious Rabbit Hole in one click. Rough Day led to one whole hour of work avoidance, 2 blog posts, and 3 facebook posts.

Do I dare click on another?

" None of this has anything overtly to do with the A-story, except to illustrate the topsy-turvy notion that sometimes outright hostility is preferable to indifference—or even to forced kindness."
A very Zoo Story notion.

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