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We've entered that point in the semester where all is busy-ness. Four more quick weeks, tho, and it will be over.

But this does mean that I'm going to be running around like, well, a grown woman who runs around. So, today, a couple of quick things:

First, on Thursday last, I had a great time with knitters in Vestal and spoke to the Southern Tier Needles and Skeins group. They look like this:


Although the picture does them no justice. Also: why does no one ever want to sit in the front?

Second, my today will end with a mammogram. Have you scheduled yours?

Third, rumours of Trout's demise have been premature. While the vet was concerned about his "lumpy kidneys" at his last check-up, he seems to have rallied. (His stare has always been this blank. It's not a new symptom.)


If nothing else, he makes a fine paperweight.


My cat Oliver is also a fine paperweight. Or keyboard cozy.

Yay, Trout.

As with all things medical these days, I'm waiting 6 months past the end of breastfeeding for the mammogram. No breast cancer in the family, so I'm just as happy to wait to be tortured.

Re: nobody sitting in front...the crowd must have been raised Catholic.

well trout is not on the bed sleeping.. paying attention to you with the 100 mile stare and feeling better are both good things.

not sure if that expression is vacant, or mind control mode. All glory to the hypnotoad.


Trout is our constant reminder that it is a gift to be simple.

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