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many things make a post

* I love the work that Matt Taibbi is doing. I wish it didn't make me so very angry. Here he is on Bank of America.

* Also from Rolling Stone (when did they get good again?), on frat culture, whistle blowing and Dartmouth. 

* Weavers, spinners, women and economists should listen to this Planet Money podcast.

* Lest you think that my alma mater only churns out groovy folk who want to make the world better, I also went to school with this guy. Doheny was the student council president and, in my opinion, an asshat. Glad to know little changes.

* I'll know I've made it as a writer when...

* The Second Shelf

* Samantha Bee and I agree on yogurt and bananas.

* David Sedaris makes oral surgery sound so congenial.

* I need a dozen of these. Anyone have ties they are looking to unload?

* On the importance of sidewalks.

* We need better VoTech options -- and I say this as someone who sees more than a few college students going to school for the wrong reasons.

* On cotillions

* I kinda want to do this. That's weird, right?

* The real reason why the GOP cares about your uterus.

* J. Strahan says it better than I could.


Pretty much just need the 1 tie - you are welcome to the rest

Read the yogurt article and I have to say this (at the risk of my supplies vanishing from the stores): I also hate yogurt! However, something made me try a Yoplait Chocolate Whips and that nasty little taste that hides in yogurt only enhances this stuff! I go to Wal-Mart every Saturday and buy... well, lots. It has become my favorite form of chocolate! NOW THE PROBLEM WITH YOPLAIT: They say right on their little upside down carton PROTECT WILDLIFE, CRUSH CUP BEFORE DISPOSAL. But you can't crush the blasted cup! It springs right back. So I have to take my super scissors and cut the cup through its middle, then cut the little top into two halves. This is so some rat (or in my mind a baby kitten) doesn't stick its hungry little head in the thing and die because it couldn't get its head back out --believe me, I saw this happen to a dog once. Why, if they know this is a hazzard, don't they just cap the wide end of that cup? Yet I cut the cup about twice a day because the chocolate Whip is so, so good. PS: Please buy yours at Kroger, because all the Wal-Mart Whips have my name on them.

Ties cost between .50 (poly) and $1 (silk) at the thrift store. The retro patterns you can get there--the CRAZY retro patterns--are better than most ties guys actually own and wear. (I only used the most subdued ties for my recent tie upcycling project.)

Ties, really? I have at least a dozen that have not been worn since the Coolidge administration. Yours on the 4th for the asking.

I love headbands. I just cannot get the hang of actually wearing them with my hair. I always end up with weird bits sticking out at odd angles. The tie-upcycle idea may inspire me to try again, though.

Just read the Too Big to Fail link. I can't understand how this is allowed to go on but it is. I also know that one of the big banks mentioned early in the article "heavily encouraged" it's employees to invest in the bank's stock and these employees were left holding an empty bag as part as their retirement. The executives, of course, continued to receive their big bonuses. Reading all this makes me want to go to Disney and run a half marathon!

Okay, just read the Dartmouth article and it totally explains how Too Big to Fail can happen.

Chris - it can make you lose faith in humanity. A princess half marathon might restore it. I'm just saying.

Scott spent a few minutes last night stomping on yoplait cups to find the best way to smash them. Have you tried side to side rather than top-down?

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