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many things make a post

* Who wouldn't want a succulent frog?

* Does anyone have experience with eShakti? I'm sorely tempted.

* Because I needed to spend more time reading.

* Maybe conservatives just need to walk more.

* The rejection generator.

* I read this every now and again because it restores my faith in humanity.  And it makes me giggle.

* Top Ten scariest places to be female. ((in the US) Note to self: never move to Mississippi.)

* Jo Walton nails it again.

* Stephanie Pearl-McPhee nails it again.

* Travelin' gravity gnome. Also: knit a gnome.

* Why are we raising our children this way?

* Iterate.


Re: walkability. Another thing about walkable cities is that they have to have public transportation. You don't get far without it. Public transportation puts diverse people in a small, enclosed area. It tends to be a mind expanding thing to have to face diversity every day on your way to and fro work.

Damn you. Now I want to knit a gnome.

I think Rev. Craig should have us all come up with Unitarian jihad names

Ooh! I want a succulent frog! I have just the spot.

And ... the combo of bulky weight yarn (which me loves) and gnomes? (which me loves) Yay!

I've ordered a couple of dresses and a two shirts from eshakti and had great experiences. I recommend them highly. . .

Adrienne - here's what my sister said about eShakti.
> As for ordering the dress, I was pleased with my purchase. The quality of
> the craftsmanship was not A+, but I think the dress is a good deal and fun.
> However, it might bother some to find out that the dresses are apparently
> manufactured in India and brokered thru eShakti in Washington state (slave
> labor of Indian seamstresses?).

once again you have linked us to thought-provoking, interesting & fun articles. thanks!

Wow. The Many Things posts are always thought provoking but this one...


Happy to help.

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