don't get around much anymore
writerly Wednesday, getting ink

many things make a post

* How to kill time on long haul flights. 

* The idea of this class and card catalog makes me drool.

* Made of awesome.

* Being referred to as that Adrienne Martini always unnerves me. (And thanks.)

* Pump up the jam.

* On the other hand, I have zero desire to do this.

* My love for David Carr only grows.

* Mind = blown.

* I find this fascinating. And I want someone to tell me what the hell my accent is.


The Olympic yarn bomb is amazing! It's so fun and beautiful I don't know if I could have parted with it if I had created it.

I was having a bad day today and knew I needed some Alice Cooper sing-a-long therapy in my car. It works every time and I don't care what anyone thinks. A young guy in a sports car pulled into the parking space next time mine and gave me a knowing wink. I usually don't care for winking, but I liked that one.

Heh! Only because I heard you on Cast On and couldn't place your name and then ... remembered how much you'd like Love and Romanpunk :)

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