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don't get around much anymore

We've entered that point in the semester where all is busy-ness. Four more quick weeks, tho, and it will be over.

But this does mean that I'm going to be running around like, well, a grown woman who runs around. So, today, a couple of quick things:

First, on Thursday last, I had a great time with knitters in Vestal and spoke to the Southern Tier Needles and Skeins group. They look like this:


Although the picture does them no justice. Also: why does no one ever want to sit in the front?

Second, my today will end with a mammogram. Have you scheduled yours?

Third, rumours of Trout's demise have been premature. While the vet was concerned about his "lumpy kidneys" at his last check-up, he seems to have rallied. (His stare has always been this blank. It's not a new symptom.)


If nothing else, he makes a fine paperweight.

many things make a post

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* Still bummed that Better Off Ted was cancelled too soon.

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* Who would like to watch my children on June 5? (Short version: CAKE!)

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* I kinda want to do this someday, too.

next year is my Douglas Adams year

I hope your Passover/Easter was all that you'd hoped, that you were either saved from the plagues and/or visited by a bunny and/or renewed. Or, at the very least, got to sleep in. 

I celebrated by turning another year older. I wish I had some deep thoughts about all of that but I don't, really. It's good, this being 41. Your mileage, of course, may vary.

I celebrated by getting a pedicure in an appropriately spring-y color. 


Resting on my leg is one of the Top Ten birthday gifts I've received. It's Bert the Farting Hippo from NCIS, a show that my beloved husband got me addicted to. He did the same with Buffy, back in the day. 

On Sunday, I celebrated the holiday by doing laundry and making a pizza rustica, inspired by the Tuesdays With Dorie bake-along.


It was good. Not something I need to make again but good. The Featureless Saint wanted more prosciutto, I wanted less sugar in the crust. But, you know, perfectly OK with asparagus and wine. 

By all accounts, the kids had a lovely Easter as well. I wouldn't know, given that they are off on a grand adventure for the week with grandma. It's been nice to have so much time - who knew my house could stay so clean? - but it's very strange to not have them underfoot, you know? 

actual spinning content

After a few days of furious plying, some yarn is born:


The last, like, 20 feet of it kept finding new ways to be a complete arse (tangling, breaking, overplied, feh) so I made it it's own little skein because it just wouldn't play well with the others:


As for spinning, I'm a little afraid of how much I'm enjoying it. It's normal to want to spin all the fibers, yes?

McGregor's opinion remains hard to translate: 



Any thoughts on what I should make with my new yarn?

many things make a post

* I love the work that Matt Taibbi is doing. I wish it didn't make me so very angry. Here he is on Bank of America.

* Also from Rolling Stone (when did they get good again?), on frat culture, whistle blowing and Dartmouth. 

* Weavers, spinners, women and economists should listen to this Planet Money podcast.

* Lest you think that my alma mater only churns out groovy folk who want to make the world better, I also went to school with this guy. Doheny was the student council president and, in my opinion, an asshat. Glad to know little changes.

* I'll know I've made it as a writer when...

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