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I feel your pain on itchy heads. We too were immune until this winter when my 7 and 10 year old girls got the lice. and shared it with me. and my husband. My daughter complained her head itched, but I was ignorant as to what I was looking for until it was far too late.

The 10 year old has hair that is all that is imagined when you hear of her Spanish heritage. Hair so thick that one of the fat ponytail holders can hardly contain it and long - down to the middle of her back. I combed and combed and combed.

The worst part was my husband was in charge of my hair combing and kept giving it a half hearted effort before declaring there couldn't be anymore nits. I had to have my mother come over and comb it twice! Keep in mind, I am over 40. Oh the indignity to go with the laundry!

Unfortunately, I could go on and on (but I won't) about head lice, because I teach. They are almost always here, so I almost always have to rein in my imaginary scratching. My daughter brought them home many years ago, and everything you wrote made me laugh and cringe simultaneously. Thanks for the laugh.

My sister had a recurring problem.. and it was the duffle bag she took with her for sleep overs. Said bag also held a hairbrush that never was taken out after each sleepover. It was a complete nightmare. I feel your itch.

Loved the swimsuit piece. I anguish over cramming my pasty body into lycra.

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