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this. day.

Some days are like the world's most awesome Tertris game, where all of the little blocks fit perfectly and you don't have that moment of panic when you see the screen start to fill with unsorted shapes, which quickly turns to resignation when you know that you are totally about to lose.

Today is not that day. 

On top of about six dozen work things, the Boy's lip, which he chewed into hamburger after having it numbed at the dentist's for a cavity filling, is now infected, which has required a trip to the doctor's office and one trip to the pharmacy so far*. Gross and painful only begins to cover it. I flinch every time I look at him, poor baby. 

But it's been a comedy of errors since 8ish this morning and only promises to get worse as the day continues on. So, um, have a small shameless promo:  A. S. Byatt's Ragnarok

* There will be at least one more trip to another pharmacy since pharmacy the first doesn't carry the drug he needs. I'm now held hostage by a wicked cabal of doctors, pharmacists and insurance carriers. Envy me.


Perhaps someone else's comedy will make you laugh? Printer refuses to work at critical deadline...after much swearing and thumping a chocolate chip was removed from the depths. Sent 5yo child to toss it in the trash, and she reported that while it tasted a little like dust, it wasn't that bad.

Awww...poor li'l guy. Matthew just had a filling, too, and I made him only slurp things for a far-too-overly cautious several hours afterward. now I'm extra glad I did.

Jill - you win. Heh.

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