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There has been knitting going on:


This is another LaLa's Simple Shawl out of handspun. Once I get my teeth into a pattern, I can't seem to stop chewing. Also, I needed something that required little thought.

Speaking of teeth, 


The monkey has seen better days.


Ah, puppies. Ah, the chewing. No monkey (or shoe or table leg or tile floor) is safe.

Goodbye, monkey. You were enjoyed while you lasted.




that is one happy puppy!

Sasha liked chewing on wood. Pencils left lying about became dangerously shardy piles of splinters in no time. Also, one night of puppydom she pulled a half-dollar-sized patch of fibers entirely out of our month-old wall-to-wall carpeting before we determined what the repetitive chewy-rippy noise was.

Kong toys both my terriers love them. Also they like the toys from West Paw Design - http://www.westpawdesign.com/catalog/dogs/dog-toys
Bob can chew through one but it takes him quite a long time.

Beautiful knitting and delectable yarn, Adrienne! Of course, it's hard to get past the overwhelming cuteness, but the shawl looks gorgeous.

Unsolicited advice: They say dogs can count to three or five (depending on how average their intelligence). (It's like dogs count 1-2-3-everything.) So we limited Stella's toys to three while she was young so that she knew what was appropriate for chewing. We counted Puppy Kongs and nylabones, which the trainer recommended. Also, for chewing on the coffee table, we sprayed on bitter apple, but some dogs apparently like the taste. YMMV. The end result is that we have a dog who has never chewed our shoes or baseboards--and doesn't even go into the trash. (Though there was the long while that we wore bitter apple--sexay!--because she chewed us.)

Our trainer just emailed us about the canine good citizenship test, but I think she has way more optimism about Stella than we do. :~{

Love the shawl!

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