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many things make a post

* Ferrets are lousy training partners.

* This is a hard story to read. Read it anyway.

* Penn Jillette on the Nerdist podcast. Always choose to be shot.

* I dare you to read this and then tell me we have the best health care in the world.

* And after having read the above, this might make you feel less awful.

* How much do I love Mo Willems?

* Another one that will break your heart.

* I might need this.

* I went through the same series of emotions. (And that cat totally makes our cats look like supermodels.)

* If you've ever thought about steeking, read this.


Huge Mo Willems fan. All the nipote have his books! :)

pretty much all of that made me want to run into the streets with an axe, and book a flight to egypt...with a chainsaw, evil dead style. So I feel it is only appropriate that I respond with this:

the feeling is mutual Joseph, the feeling is

I want to thank you for the "Many Things" posts. I always find them interesting, amusing and moving. And I often learn something.

You are more than welcome.

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