many things make a post
sometimes, you just have to walk the dog

not a writerly wednesday, unless you want it to be

I don't have a great exercise for today, mostly because I've spent it running around greater Oneonta dealing with various appointments for various mammals both big and small. But I do have a small story to tell you.

As I mentioned last week, the kids' school will be closing in June. Still heartbroken but we are Making Do. The Featureless Saint was talking to the Boy a couple of nights ago about it. The conversation went someting like this:

Boy: Is Center Street closing?

FS: Yes. [long pause] You'll still have to go to school, you know. Just a different one.

Boy: Maybe Hogwarts? 


And, no, the Boy won't be going to Hogwarts. He's not 11 yet.



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