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some random pixs, plus jello

Over the long weekend, we went on an outing to the Berkshires. 


Balls were thrown around and hit.


Beverages were consumed.


As was a patriotic jello mold made by the Diva and her grandmother.


Also, romping.


(I swear there is a dog in there.)

Then, on the way back, exhaustion set in.


As it does.

(Just a note: we're going to the Allegheny College Reunion Weekend this, um, weekend. I'll be signing books on Saturday at the Campus Center from 1-3, if you should like to have one signed. I hope to escape the weekend without having to wear the dang Gator costume again. But if the money is right...)

(Also: please don't rob my house. Thanks.)


Stella does that reverse el shape--even when she's confined to the couch. In fact, she's doing it right now. Aren't dogs the cutest?

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