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sometimes, you just have to walk the dog

Given that I am now a woman of a certain age, I find that trips to the eye doctor are much less fun. Yesterday, after said doctor made a snarky but kind* comment that my current wonky vision has less to do with my contact lenses and more to do with my occupation and advancing age, I left with a prescription that is doing its best to balance said issues and my remarkably astigmatic right eyeball. The result isn't ideal. I mean, I can see, mostly, but can't find a way to work at the computer with my contacts in without constantly moving my head up and down in order to find just the right spot where everything is clear. 

Feh, I say. 

I might just have to switch over to glasses all the time until my vision gets worse, at which point I'll just do the contacts and reading glasses thing. Or not. Arg,

Rather than stew in my irritation, I gave up and went for a walk in the woods with Lucy.


She was pondering the meaning of life when I said her name, thereby destroying her concentration. Now we will never know.


Corgis aren't really water dogs but this particular one seems determined to fling herself into any available stream, puddle or damp leaf pile. 


The phlox are in bloom. The dog is short.


While she's perky here, currently she is sacked out under my desk. I appear to have broken her ...


* I like the guy. Really.


Maybe you could use some weak reading glasses from the drug store (over your contacts) when you use the computer.

When I was 19, my contacts got so strong that I had to sacrifice some up close vision to be able to see well enough to drive and sit in the back of the classroom. So my eye doctor gave me reading glasses to wear over the contacts. This worked for 21 years until I got into trifocal territory.

Now I wear my old reading glasses for the computer, and new stronger reading glasses for reading. Both go over contacts. I wear my glasses so rarely that I didn't bother getting new ones, so they're really only suited for the computer. Even the TV is too far.

Lucy is very cute! All dogs at some point seem to like water but this will probably change (or not). Sorry about your vision/glasses problem - I have no suggestions - I can't see a thing up close but distance I can see forever (with no glasses), which is fine with me.

Lucy is lovely. I'm enjoying the pictures plus your other content, of course.
I had the same sweet spot problem when I changed to no-line progressive bifocals. Couldn't get used to them and as I was making Vicki's wedding dress, I went back to lined bifocals. Yesterday I ordered hearing aids. Growing old gracefully ain't any fun, but blind, deaf and limping is worse.

I too have the sweet spot problem, but in my case it is due to some smucky stuff floating in the clear jelly that fills the eyeball. Eventually the smuck will sink to the bottom; same thing happened in the other eye about 20 years ago.

That dog is adorable. Just the cutest.

I love your dog. She make me smile. Just got my first pair of "real" glasses two years ago. They were progressive lenses and I spent a lot of time walking around looking like I had imbibed too much while I adjusted. Good luck finding the sweet spot.

Each time I have to untangle a knot in one of Emily's necklaces, I have to hold it a little further from my eyes. And each time I sigh a little more deeply.

The week we brought Sasha home it poured non-stop. During prime housebreaking, she got very wet. Fortunately her double-coat sheds water fairly well. She still likes the wet, but only if her feet can touch bottom.

Lots of herding dogs like water. Working Border Collies go swimming after work to cool off.

as if your blog wasn't cool enough (seriously, it's one of the few i actually keep up with), you have increased its coolness by a factor of 10 at least with addition of lucy.

my blog is not utter crap in comparison.

touché martini. touché.

Yr gonna have to step it up, then, steven a. Mo is awfully cute, too.

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