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actual knitting content, but I don't even wear shawls

I may have started another shawl, which is weird, because I don't really wear the silly things.


It's Sothia, which I first fell in love with when I saw it here. Then I went to Webs, saw they had the yarn* and, well, you can guess the rest. I'm to the eyelet row. I'm thinking about the ruffle with both excitement and dread, as one does.

Other than that, here. Have a gratuitous corgi in one of her fave sleeping spots/positions.


I can't move my office chair until the nap is done, out of fear I'll squish her. Send snacks.

* I'm developing a fierce love for the Madelinetosh. Such colors! Such soft!


I was trapped at the keyboard by my kitten for hours last week, he was kind and fell asleep on my arm in a position that still allowed mouse work and one-handed typing. One would hope I'd have completed more work, but the tea pot was far out of reach (upstairs).

Madelinetosh is dangerously addictive. So is Webs (and Loopy Ewe) for that matter.

(note: 3 yo & 10 lb kitten)

/snicker I thought I was the only one trapped by sleeping critters.

I am just completing a shawl that I will never wear. Why?

I love shawls. You can all send yours my way!

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