the thing with eras is that they end
writerly workout, blah

many things make a post

* Manhattanhenge.

* On plagarism.

* You cannot handle the cute.

* O Fortuna like you've never heard it before....

* What my hometown used to look like.

* Your friends are generally not the people playing Munchkin with you.

* Why Home Ec is good for you.

* Peg Hambright bakes the tastiest cakes and pies. Not a day goes by that I don't wish I could have one. *sigh*

* More than a thousand words. Also: here.


"Send him to North Korea" ... just lost it.

this is my first year teaching and i had to deal with SO many plagiarist. the professors are totally weak about it! they barely punish the students because it TAKES TOO MUCH TIME TO FOLLOW THROUGH WITH PROSECUTION! made me sick.

o fortuna made. me. PEE!

hilarious is insufficient.

Those ghost mothers from the 1800s are hilarious.

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