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On Tuesday, the Diva will be ten years old. I don't even know how to wrap my head around this.*

Rather than even try, we had a sleep-over on Saturday for four of M's friends and her.






In the morning, they made sand paintings with skittles to take home. So that they could share their exhuberance with their parents, too.***

Lucy handled the whole thing with aplomb.





* Scott seems to be having a rough time, too, especially since some of her friends are starting to morph into proto-women. He's against it, by the way.

** If you need to bake gluten-free, this book is awesome.

*** Actually, the girls were great. The kids I gave birth to are the only ones I wanted to strangle. As it goes.


Try wrapping your head around the fact that our little Rosalind is 19 and headed toward her sophomore year of college. 'Cause I can't. I also can't quite believe that she's spending the summer doing Shakespeare at Winedale, a program I did twice when *I* was at UT. Back when the lamplighter used to come by every evening and fire up the gaslamps so we could see. And please tell the Featureless Saint that I feel his pain. Sadly, it doesn't get any less comfortable the older your daughter's female friends get.

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