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qotd, why run

"Now that I've been running for a while, I have less advice to give. That's because advice is a recommendation to do something one particular way. But if you run long enough, you'll do so in every conceivable way. You'll run smart and stupid, fast and slow, short and long, in good weather and bad, with dogs, with friends, with children, alone, on a full stomach and nearly starving, in fancy shoes and old beaters, on college tracks and over mountains, on country roads and city streets. Identical runs will be easy one day, grueling the next. You'll have long runs that fly by, short ones that grind on forever. One day the syrupy waffle bogs you down, the next day, it fuels the final sprint."

-- Marc Parent, Runner's World, July 2012. (Read the full column if you can. It's a keeper.)


I am a runner. Insane. Daily. Sometimes twice (usually with dog(s)). It works for me.

I have one piece of advice: do what works for you.

Running is awesome. Mostly. I mean -- you know what I mean. I don't think our dog will be a good running dog because of the stumpy legs. But she does her best.

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