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Here's a secret: sometimes I really don't want to write.* Actually, most of the time I'd really rather not write. There are so many other ways to spend time, nearly all of which aren't as silly (and likely are more lucrative) than writing. But this is what I do. 

For me, the answer to the "I don't wannas" is to do it anyway. Work for five minutes without distraction. Then see if you have another five minutes in you. If I can stack up enough five-minute blocks, usually I can lose myself in what I'm doing and go. 

If that fails, I give myself a choice between writing and some odious task, like washing dishes or weeding. Those who've seen my house know that writing wins out every single time. The trick, howeve,r, is to make sure the alternate task is something you find vile. 

So for today's workout, a question: how do you get yourself to work when you really don't want to?**

* For "write," you can insert almost any verb that feels unfun but feeds your brain/body. "Run" frequently falls into this category for me. But I always feel better for having done it.

** Unrelated: I seem to be going through a phase where I feel like I have nothing to say, like my brain is an empty stew pot. This happens every summer, which might explain why I so dislike June, July and August. May's not great, either. Feh. I say. Then feh again.


Thanks for saying this--I feel like this quite frequently, and since I'm trying to work on a novel and finish my MA thesis, not wanting to write is not a good state of mind. Tomorrow I think I'll be trying the five minutes thing.

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