up with figs, Nita
qotd, what this summer has been like for me, so far.*

actual knitting content + animal butts

You can stick a fork in Sothia.


(I'm glad my neighbors weren't home when I was wandering around our yard with a shawl and a camera.)


It's a fun knit* - except for the last few rows of the ruffle that make you want to take up a more sensible hobby - and I might do another one. Or not. I may have already started something else.

When I downloaded these pictures, I found a few more from the Boy.


Dog butt. And shoes. Oh the shoes.


Cat butt. No shoes.


* Before you ask, Madelinetosh (LOVE!) Merino Light in Cathedral and Ink. One skein of each. I have one skein of Catherdral left over, which means that you'll probably see it again because it is gorgeous. Reminds me of stained glass windows.


Looks great. I was going to say that if your neighbors were around, they should stop their staring and help, but then I realized how few of my neighbors would understand "it's for the blog."

Nice knitting! And yes, it can be hard for the muggles to understand. I've mused before on which they think is weirder, when I'm knitting in public, or when I'm taking pictures of my knitting in public.

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