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We are on our way back from here:


(There are more scenic (much much more scenic) bits - this is just an iconic bridge that might help you figure it out.)

No fair guessing if you already know....

(And, no, it's not Narnia. Close, tho.)


Is that the bridge across the Penobscott in Bucksport? Are we closing on on the mythic Maine, immortalized by Robert McClosky?

Tricky - but you're walking distance from Halcyon Yarns, and about a mile from where I'm sitting in my office, wishing I was outside!

Right in one, Magnlya. We were down by the place where they are working on the handbuilt boat. A friend (http://www.seaflowerdesign.com/) is on the crew.

Nice - the boat seems like a great project. I grew up in Bath, and worked in the Customs House for many years. Had hoped to make it up to Rockland last Saturday but the family had other ideas.

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