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We were up in the Husband's hometown for a family wedding last weekend and had a lovely time. There was swimming and shopping and eating (a lot of eating). There was, of course, a wedding, which was all one could want. The kids had a fine time playing with various cousins and riding the escalators at the mall, because that is something we don't really have in Oneonta.*

I took pictures of none of it because I left my camera at home. This is what I do now, apparently. 

Instead, I give you a picture of a Boy and his dog, which I took not 30 minutes ago.


During the three days we were gone, she went from being a puppy to being a dog. She still acts like a puppy, mind, but looks like an honest-to-Queen Liz Corgi now. And a proper one at that.


* Both escalators and a mall big enough to need them.


The blog title alone was enough to make me laugh. Yu iz funy.

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