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many things make a post

* And you shall know us by the click of our needles.

* Yet another reason I love Nathan Fillion.

* Nearly half. Now tell me this isn't a problem.

* Horse liniment

* The SNAP challenge. (Days one through seven are on the blog. This is just the link to day one.)

* You really ought to be watching Our America with Lisa Ling. But if you can't commit to the whole series, at least watch this one. (You should also be watching Culture Shock, btw. And, yes, I love documentaries.)

* What the Harlot said.

* Traveling alone is one of my favorite things.

* Sex advice from John Oliver.

* Dispatches from the road.

* And, indeed, the title doesn't lie.


Is it wrong that before I read the article, my gut response to the title "Sex Advice from John Oliver" mostly involved fantasizing about sex with John Oliver, and that after I read it, my gut response was how much fun it would be to be a John Oliver groupie?

sorry sound too emotionally invested. Automatic DQ.

why can no one ever get the action of knitting right in animation? they always think its the ends that click! i blame the granny from the sylvester and tweety cartoons.

(now that i think of it, chicken run did an ok job actually)

ps, i am a NERD.

Love the seahorse picture! And thanks for sharing my Dad's weirdness with the world.

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