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I somehow failed to mention this. A few months ago, a cute little tin showed up in the mail. The top of the box looked hauntingly familiar.




I'm not sure who it came from. I emailed the Sexy Knitter, who sells these handy kits here, but never heard back. Anyone need to confess anything?

Also in the "it came in the mail" file, this book:


I am not a subscriber to Contemporary Literary Criticism, not even for the pictures. I started at the index for a bit but didn't find myself, as one does. But then I noticed who this volume is focussed on. One of the writers is George Saunders. Hey, though I, I've interviewed him. 


And sure enough, that's why I had this in my hands. I have zero doubt that the publishers contacted me or Jessa for permission. I also have zero doubt that I then promptly forgot all about it. A good surprise.

Finally, something that didn't come in the mail.



Belly rubs!

That would be me. Yeah, I ripped off your IP. Sorry bout that. Meant to email you, but, you know...

OHH. who has a cute belleh? you do!

I bet the designer who shall not be named sent the tin, and one of the items has a poison tip. Or will that joke get me sued?

Only one way to find out if the joke gets you sued. We'll all be waiting for updates.

And thanks Trish! I was confused. Well, more than usual.

Your doggie is too cute! And sure knows the meaning of "chill out."

Lucy is very tense. It's a wonder she gets any sleep at all.

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