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qotd, what this summer has been like for me, so far.*

Dotty: And I take the sardines. No, I leave the sardines. No, I take the sardines. 
Lloyd: You leave the sardines and you hang up the phone. 
Dotty: Yes, right. I hang up the phone. 
Lloyd: And you leave the sardines. 
Dotty: I leave the sardines? 
Lloyd: You leave the sardines. 
Dotty: I hang up the phone and I leave the sardines? 
Lloyd: Right! 
Dotty: We've changed that, have we, dear? 
Lloyd: No, dear... 
Dotty: That's what I've always been doing? 
Lloyd: I wouldn't say that, Dotty my precious. 
Dotty: Well, how about the words, dear, am I getting some of them right? 
Lloyd: Some of them have a very familiar ring. 

-- from Noises Off!, which continues to be my favorite play/movie about theater, although the TV series Slings and Arrows is a close second.

* I'm Dotty, btw.


I loved that play. When Younger Son was in high school he worked backstage at a local repertory theater. For a few weeks, while that play happened to be on, I worked in the public library, which was in the lower level of the same building; we would ride together to *work*. Every evening there would seem to be herds of thundering elephants galloping through the theater overhead. When I eventually saw the play, I finally understood why.

Oh how I adore Noises Off.

If you are Dottie then who is Lloyd?

I'd like to say that Scott is Lloyd -- but he's not doing much better than I am w/r/t sardines.

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