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I still knit. I know. I'm stunned, too.


This dark gray shapeless thing is actually the back of Mary Lou Egan's Women's Cardigan (Rav link.) in kidsilk haze. It was one of those knits that I was compelled to make because I want to live in the pattern's picture. What my bad picture doesn't tell you is how airy and warm this will be. Maybe this will help:


So far, I've finished the back and both fronts. Now on to sleeves. Oh, sleeves. You make me sad.

You may have noticed that the overall picture quality on the blog has taken a dive. Partly this is because I need to get myself a new camera, since my old reliable has been dropped one time too many. Mostly, it's because of my new assistant:



assistants are a blessing and a curse.

That Mary Lou Egan is a genius. Do you read her blog, http://mlegan.wordpress.com/?

But oh what a lovely assistant!! Surely she makes it all worth while. Has she seen her sister lately?

She hasn't seen her sister lately. Soon, I hope. It's been busy with the start of school around here.

And my lovely assistant chewed the heck out of one of my shoes lately. I can't wait until this part of puppy-hood ends.

Nice! The sleeves always feel like a bit of a slog, don't they?

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