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another update on the dog

It's a shame she's so tense.


In other Lucy news, the Featureless Saint dropped her off at the vet's this morning so that she can be spayed. Because puppies are the last thing any of us need, even though the would be just damn adorable. Still, there are plenty of puppies to go around just in general. I don't need my dog adding to the stock.

Should all go well -- fingers crossed -- there will be pictures of Lucy in a cone to come. I know the anticpation will make you nuts.


I am a Westie person myself, but that Lucy is so cute she is about to make a Corgi believer out of me! BTW, have you read The Uncommon Reader (sorry, i don't know how to underline)by Alan Bennett, or Not in Front of the Corgis, by Brian Hoey? Uncommon Reader is the better of the two, though the other is also interesting, but both feature Lucy dogs.

I have read the Alan Bennett book and enjoyed it. I'll have to look for the Hoey. And corgis are great - but you have to not mind being herded.

Corgis are so dang cute; I can't stand it.

bye bye ovaries!

I LOVE this photo!

She's a cutie. It makes up for her being a puppy, which means she can still be a complete pain in the ass most of the time.

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