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I dabble

I sew a little bit. I'd like to sew more - but am hampered by being self-taught.* Thanks to the new fabric shop in town**, I took a lesson last night and made a tote bag.***


The class was taught by Elizabeth (above (I think - and hope someone lets me know if I'm wrong) and Betsy (below). They also have a blog and a business and, incidentally, other jobs. Elizabeth, for instance, is a gynocologist, who told us at least one joke about her field.***



A convenient pin cushion.


My finished bag. 


The lining.

The trick now will be not putting my newly won knowledge into craziness, like sewing slipcovers or shirts or luggage or something. But the totes. Oh, the totes. So quick. So easy. So purty.


* actually, I'm also hampered by living three cats, one dog, and two kids in a relatively small house while also holding down about four jobs plus knitting, reading and running.... let's just stick with "hampered by self-taught" and move on.

** Project Anthologies. The owner Melany is working on the website. A better sense of this cute and lovely shop is here.

*** Word to those I know -- you may all be getting tote bags for Christmas.

**** I can leave it in the comments.


The joke:
How are a puppy and a near-sighted gynecologist the same?
Both have warm noses.

that tote bag is very you. The colors are PERFECT!

Watch out you don't get bit by the quilting bug.

Such a great tote/knitting bag. Careful with showing off your sewing talents, somehow the kids just suckered me into a morning of making pillows and bunk bed curtains for them. (Mr. Man has camo-skull theme and Ms. Thing has hot pink and cats theme)

that joke elicited the most unusual exclamation i have ever heard! i believe it was a good noise, but mo isn't too sure.

I have been making lots of bags lately. They are fun, and require a lot less commitment than a quilt... let me know if you like any of these and I'll tell you about the patterns. http://www.flickr.com/photos/63583003@N08/sets/72157628366542175/

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