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many things make a post

* Those invovled in higher ed. (or have kids who might go to college) should listen to this Freakonomics podcast.

* Should I not give him hot peppers?

* This is hauntingly familiar.

* Knit a purple cap.

* Strange answers to the psychopath test, with Scientologists.

* Mo Farah running away from things.

* This American Life's tribute to David Rakoff makes my heart hurt, both from the laughing and the sad. 

* Neither the husband nor I are big Michael IanBlack fans but the last part of his act on John Oliver's Stand Up show had us both in hysterics. This link isn't to that part - I suspect you have to watch the full episode - but is still amusing.

* This matches my experience perfectly. 

* Corbyn and I have had similar summers. Rather than a third kid, tho, mine had a puppy. Karyn and I have also had similar summers.

* Dogshaming.

* In case you've wondered what happened to Hyperbole and a Half's Allie. The news is conditionally good.


Thanks for the shout out!

Oh, also, I definitely have "lack of realistic long term goals," but I'm not going to worry since I am not a versatile criminal.

No problem on the shout-out. I feel your pain.

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