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"You should approach You & Me as you would approach a recreational drug: with plenty of time on your hands and in a safe location where no one will throw scowls your way for openmouthes bouts of metaphysical awe spiked with bursts of giggling."

-- Jonathan Miles on Padgett Powell's You & Me in Aug/Sept's Garden and Gun, which I'd intially bought for the stories on Knoxville but may have to subscribe to because it is awesome.


So bizarre. I'd never heard of Garden and Gun (and my father subscribed me to the NRA women's magazine when I started grad school). But they had G&G in the hospital when I was there. And I thought, didn't someone just mention this? The cover story was 100 best places to drink in the south. So, my brief survey concludes similarly.

Yeah - the "and Gun" put me off because I'm not really a fan but it's not about what you think it's about. I wish it was publishing when I still lived in the South - but it's good to revisit what I liked about it. (Rather than what drove me nuts about living there. That I can get on the national news.) Plus, there are some great writers in G&G. I've sent my subscription in, because I needed another thing to read.

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